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Man steals ride to airport in backhoe

May 25, 2023
Video shows man exiting at airport
Theft Prevention

Theft Ring Indicted in Colorado

March 1, 2023
Six men accused of stealing $1.1 million in construction equipment in Colorado were indicted in Boulder, Colorado.The six traveled from California and committed crimes at 39 constructio...
Padlock Stevepb Pixabay
Theft Prevention

Buyers Scammed with Stolen Equipment

Feb. 9, 2023
Stolen skid steers have been winding up in the hands of unknowing buyers in Utah, who end up losing not only the use of the machine, but also the money spent on it.According to...
Theft Prevention

How to integrate fleet security systems

Jan. 25, 2021
Partnering with expert integrators is enabling the combination of video surveillance, access control, and IT tailored to specific needs and dramatically driving down costs, while...