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Local 649 instructor/operators Brad Walker and Terry Slater give their opinions on the new DL200-5’s design and performance
Manufacturers tout cost-saving settings and features to temper more expensive Tier 4 machines
Manufacturers continue to pack loaders with technology for production, fuel efficiency, and lower costs
The electric-powered system captures braking energy that helps propel the trailer to save fuel
With infrastructure work hot, managers have more technology to choose from than ever before
Enhanced aerodynamics and driver-inspired interior amenities are among its advancements
“Basic” rental-friendly units at 74 horsepower stay under the aftertreatment threshold—and come cheaper
Ford puts stronger engines in 2017 models and reduces weight with aluminum for a “delightful” ride
Managers enjoy a growing market for mini excavators fueled by choice and productive pairings with skid steers and CTLs
As the cold planer market heats up, milling machine OEMs add technology and dust supression equipment
Navistar’s new vocational series is much like the now-departed Cat Truck, but costs less.
Operating engineers Chris Yanos and Zip Ackert share their thoughts about the D61PXi-23 dozer and its Intelligent Machine Control system
Mobility, strength, and reach characterize these erection and placement specialists
Will a special trim package create the next sentimental favorite from Peterbilt?
Crawler dozers with horsepower ratings in excess of 300 take on the tough jobs with an efficiency that belies their power and size
A new spec for Stoneway Concrete cuts weight, adds payload and revenue
Brand and price top the list for single most important factors in the acquisition of skid steers, followed by the machine’s key specification: rated...
American production, front-end styling and stiffer frame are new, but cabs and interiors are carried over from the previous model
There is a truck for hauling or just personal transportation to suit any need or desire

Photos: Mark Boatman

Local 649 operator/instructors put the Case SR270 skid steer loader through its paces on a muddy and challenging track


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