Weather Guard Saddle and Lo-Side Boxes

March 8, 2024
The boxes feature 1Key Ultralock locking and latching system.
The Weather Guard Saddle and Lo-Side boxes line includes over 60 product models. 

The Saddle and Lo-Side truck boxes feature 1Key Ultralock, a locking and latching system that combines top security protection with fleet management versatility, according to the company. The system guards against theft and the key allows users to manage one truck or an entire fleet of truck boxes by coding every truck box to the single 1Key. 

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A pop-up red lock also allow for users to quickly see at a glance if the truck box is locked or not, with the popped-up position indicating it is unlocked.

The truck boxes feature a Armor Tuf powder coat and precision fit weather stripping to ensure weather resistance and protection.

Multiple attachment points on the boxes provide clearance for straps.

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