Historical Equipment

Bureau of Public Roads Manuscript Collection, Idaho State Archives
Knox Yellow road scraper.

Building the Knox-Yellow Pine Road by Hand

March 19, 2024
Horse-drawn scraper eased some of the manual labor.

Historical Equipment

Caterpillar image, Maier-Dailey Papers, HCEA Archives
On a road job near Galva, Illinois, in September, 1938, a Cat D4 with a High Loader is spreading fill, plus towing a disc and a pneumatic roller. It also ditched, placed pipe, and cleared brush. The machine handled excavation as well, including overburden, gravel, and earth and rock cuts.
National Inventors Hall of Fame
Nihf Bobcat
HCEA archives
The Drag Scraper Derrick is especially adapted for conditions requiring this means of handling material, but where the high cost of a dragline excavating machine is prohibitive. This derrick is made convertible, employing our improved fittings. It may be used for drag bucket work and block hoisting. It may be mounted on skids and rollers, or wheels mounted on wide gauge track to suit the nature of the contract on which it is to be used. When writing for prices and information, give full particulars as to the work to be done and the kind of material to be handled.

The NECO Stiffleg Excavator

Jan. 27, 2023
The Drag Scraper Derrick is especially adapted for conditions requiring this means of handling material, but where the high cost...
U. S. Bureau of Public Roads image, National Archives & Records Administration
A Jaeger SPS-W series base paver lays material on part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The “W” indicates wheel mounting instead of crawlers.
Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Base Pavers Ease Spreading Applications

Nov. 22, 2022
Stone spreading has been practiced since the first surfaced roads were built. The earliest mechanization of the task was for carts or wagons drawn by animals or human labor to...
HCEA archives
A 1918 Russell & Co. 30/90 traction engine pulls two 1920s Baker Maney D wheeled scrapers and a 1929 Galion Leaning Wheel E-Z Lift No. 10 pull grader.
Historical Equipment

2022 Historical Construction Show Highlights

Oct. 25, 2022
The Historical Construction Equipment Association’s 36th annual International Convention & Old Equipment Exposition defied the weather and high diesel prices in September and ...
Rubber Tired D9

History Detectives and the Rubber-tired D9

Oct. 12, 2022
HCEA experts track down the origin of a unique tractor
Browning-Siccio-Murphy collection, HCEA Archives
When introduced in 1964, the all-wheel-drive, 45-ton capacity International 180 Payhauler was unlike anything else on the market. Judging by the terrain behind it, the site is probably the I-80 and Union Pacific Railroad relocations for John Day Dam on the Oregon bank of the Columbia River.

The All-wheel Drive Payhaulers

Sept. 13, 2022
By Roger Amato, HCEA National DirectorInternational Harvester gained entry into the off-highway hauler market through the back door, so to speak. As early as the 1930s, The Heil...