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Chevron Products Company
Chevron Rykon Grease
Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Chevron Rykon Grease

Rykon provides an alternative option to lithium-based thickeners.

Renewable Lubricants
Bio-Fleet Rock 40 oil
Lubricants and Grease

Renewable Lubricants Bio-Fleet Rock Drill 40 oil

Oct. 27, 2023
Made with vegetable oils formulated with antiwear inhibitors
Hot Shot's Secret
Adrenaline Assembly Lubricant
Lubricants and Grease

Hot Shot's Secret Adrenaline Assembly Lubricant

Sept. 1, 2023
For use with any engine assembly application gasoline and diesel.
Renewable Lubricants
Bio 180 Ht Grease C
Lubricants and Grease

Renewable Lubricants Bio-High Temp 180 EP Grease

April 6, 2023
Bio-High Temp 180 EP Grease for industrial applications
Bio Blast Penetrating Oil
Lubricants and Grease

Renewable Lubricants Bio-Blast Penetrant

April 22, 2022
Renewable Lubricants Bio-Blast Penetrant is a high-performance, fast-acting, biodegradable penetrant that eradicates rust and dirt to free corroded nuts, bolts, and other frozen...
Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Lincoln 1154 Dual-piston Grease Gun

Jan. 14, 2022
The Lincoln 1154 dual-piston grease gun switches between high-pressure and high-volume delivery, making it efficient for a variety of jobs, including those with large lubrication...
Motul Tekma Oil
Lubricants and Grease

Motul Tekma Lubricants

Jan. 7, 2022
The Motul Tekma line of heavy-duty lubricants for diesel engines includes Ultima+ 10W-40, which is a 100-percent synthetic diesel engine lubricant for the latest generations of...
Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Jax Bio-Guard Lubricants

Aug. 27, 2021
Bio-Guard line of technologically advanced lubricants from Jax is designed to maximize operational efficiencies with environmentally acceptable formulations.The products meet ...
Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Graco Dyna-Star Grease Transfer and Injection Pump

Aug. 25, 2021
The Graco Dyna-Star Air-Powered grease transfer and injection pump is created for the energy and mining industries and offers higher flow rates against higher pressures than any...
Lubricants and Grease

Use Compatibility Charts with Caution

March 24, 2017
Walt Moore, EditorGrease-compatibility charts typically base judgments on thickener behavior. Not all charts agree, nor do they consider the basic measurements of consistency ...
Fig 71
Lubricants and Grease

Don’t slip up on grease use

March 24, 2017
“It’s not rocket science,” says David Turner, CLGS, CLS, OMA-I, product specialist, Citgo Petroleum Corp., “but there’s more to the subject than most realize.” Turner is referring...
Blackstone Bottles

New Engine Oils, Drain Intervals for Tier 4

Sept. 21, 2016
By now, most operations using diesel-powered trucks and equipment are aware that new engine oils will soon be available for both. The new oils, identified as API (American Petroleum...
Lubricants and Grease

High-performance Hydraulic Fluids

April 21, 2016
The latest Tier 4 equipment is running hotter, and hydraulic pumps and systems are also feeling the heat.Petro-Canada Lubricants has reformulated its Hydrex line of hydraulic ...
Lubricants and Grease

New Engine Lubes Coming

March 24, 2016
Georgia Krause, Contributing EditorThe American Petroleum Institute (API) recently announced it has approved two new diesel engine oil standards, API Service Categories CK-4 and...