Hot Shot's Secret Adrenaline Assembly Lubricant

Sept. 1, 2023
For use with any engine assembly application gasoline and diesel.

The  AdrenalineAssembly Lubricant from Hot Shot’s Secret can be used with any engine assembly application, including gasoline or diesel, and is designed to work with all camshaft types.

Developed with over 2,000 ppm of zinc and other globally sourced raw materials, the lubricant has extreme dry-start protection and a strong tacky adherence to parts, according to the company. It was also formulated to blend with any commercially available break-in oil. 

The lubricant adds lubricity to all engine parts including camshafts, bearings, valvetrain components, and engine fasteners such as head bolts and studs, connecting rod bolts, and other fasteners. 

The lubricant earned a 1A-rating in a D130 test for long lasting corrosion resistance.