Reclaimers and Recyclers, In-Place

Soil Stabilizing Equipment

Caterpillar RM400 Reclaimer/Stabilizer

Oct. 2, 2019
The Cat RM400 reclaimer/stabilizer has 19 percent more power than the predecessor RM300, with a Cat C9.3 engine delivering 417 horsepower. The 51,809-pound rotary mixer can cut...

Reclaimers and Recyclers, In-Place

Roadtec SX-8e/ex Stabilizer/Reclaimer

Aug. 28, 2017
The SX-8e/ex is the largest in the company’s line of soil stabilizer/reclaimer machines. Designed for road rehabilitation, cold recycling, or soil stabilization, the SX-8e/ex ...
Roadtec RT-500
Batching and Mixing Plants, Asphalt

Roadtec RT-500 Recycling Trailer

May 31, 2017
The RT-500 mobile recycling trailer can be used either for cold in-place recycling (CIR) of asphalt pavement or as a central, on-site cold-mix plant. When used in the CIR application...
Wirtgen WR 250

Wirtgen WR 250 Stabilizer

April 2, 2014
The 776-horsepower Wirtgen WR 250 recycler/stabilizer homogeneously mixes or performs in-place cold recycling with dry lime or dry cement, or lime or cement slurry, or asphalt...
Roadtec SX-8e stabilizer

Roadtec SX-8e Stabilizer Reclaimer

March 28, 2014
The 755-horsepower SX-8e stabilizer-reclaimer has a Cat C18 Tier 4-Interim engine. It cuts up to 20 inches deep and 120 inches wide. To reduce dust and debris entering the engine...
Roadtec SX-2 stabilizer

Roadtec SX-2e Stabilizer Reclaimer

March 28, 2014
The SX-2e stabilizer-reclaimer has a high-efficiency hydrostatic drum drive. The standard 50-inch-diameter cutter drum allows a cut to 18 inches deep and 78 inches wide. A Tier...
Wirtgen WR 240i stabilizer
Soil Stabilizing Equipment

Wirtgen WR 240i Recycler/Stabilizer

March 22, 2013
Wirtgen WR 240i Recycler/Stabilizer has a 600-horsepower Cummins engine that meets Tier 4-Interim requirements. Working width is 7 feet 10 inches, and maximum working depth is...
Terex RS446D Reclaimer Stabilizer
Reclaimers and Recyclers, In-Place

Terex Roadbuilding RS446D Reclaimer Stabilizer Improves Fuel Efficiency

Sept. 5, 2012
Redesigned RS446D reclaimer/stabilizer has a 415-horsepower Tier 4-Interim diesel that improves fuel efficiency over its predecessor. Noise levels are also reduced, by 5 dB(A)...
Reclaimers and Recyclers, In-Place

Wirtgen 3800 CR Recycler

April 6, 2011
New 3800 CR cold-in-place recycler from Wirtgen America also cold mills. The unit can recycle a full lane in one pass and stabilize with either foamed asphalt or other medium....