Roadtec SX-8e Stabilizer Reclaimer

March 28, 2014

The 755-horsepower SX-8e stabilizer-reclaimer has a Cat C18 Tier 4-Interim engine. It cuts up to 20 inches deep and 120 inches wide. To reduce dust and debris entering the engine compartment, the unit has on-demand cooling with a variable-speed fan that takes air in from the cleanest possible area, the company says. The variable-geometry cutter housing has hydraulically adjustable front and rear doors.

The fully enclosed operator station slides 18 inches past the right side of the machine and  the seat and console swivel 90 degrees for operator visibility. The 4-wheel drive SX-8e can be steered in four different modes, and the suspension is hydraulically controlled so the depth of cut can be selected via push button.