Field Test

Tom Berg
Trail Turn Assist feature applies inside rear-wheel brake to drag the truck through turns and drastically reduce a turning circle, as shown by ruts in the sand near the cone. Without Trail Turn Assist, Super Duty 4x4 took much more room to turn.
Pickup Trucks, Classes 1 - 3, up to 14,000 GVW

Test drive of Ford 2023 Super Duties reveal power, technologies

June 26, 2023
High Output diesel boosts towing power, and Hitch, Trail Turn Assist aid driver efficiency
Tom Berg
Morrow’s 2023-model VNL760, dubbed “Purple Haze,” usually pulls vans carrying new furniture and averages more than 10 mpg. But it might also work well hitched to a flatbed toting pipe or building materials or a hopper loaded with aggregates. The Volvo’s aerodynamic lines, also used on nonsleeper models, reduce air drag at highway speeds. The I-Torque powertrain includes a D13TC, a 14-speed I-Shift, 2.16 to 1 axle ratio, and a 6x2 axle layout with a liftable pusher axle in the tandem.
Field Test

Volvo I-Torque proves economical

May 9, 2023
Down-speeding saves fuel dollars
Tom Berg
Service Trucks

Kenworth Service Truck Set for Serious Tasks

March 23, 2023
What a difference a bigger cab makes. In early 2021, Kenworth introduced “next-generation” midrange conventionals to replace long-running models with comparatively narrow cabs...
Tom Berg

Plus Upgrades Make Freightliner 114SD More Livable

Feb. 19, 2023
Drivers should like the richer look and feel
Construction Equipment
Wacker Neuson ET58.

Operators test Wacker Neuson ET58 performance

Feb. 19, 2023
IUOE Local 150 operators put the 48-horsepower ET58 through its paces.