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Manitowoc Cranes, Inc.

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2401 S. 30th St.
P.O. Box 70
Manitowoc, WI 54221-0070
Phone: 9206846621
Fax: 9206836277



Grove YB5520 industrial crane has a capacity of 20 tons. It features a full-power boom that is 54.5 feet long, with an integral holding valve on a telescoping cylinder.

Manitowoc Model 31000 crawler crane has a lift capacity of 2,300 metric tons, yet with a ground-bearing pressure of only 15,000 pounds per square foot.

The 45-ton-capacity TM500E-2, replaces the TMS500E in Grove’s truck crane line. The new crane is equipped with a 29- to 95-foot four-section boom, and a longer 32- to 102-foot four-section boom is optional.

Manitowoc’s Grove GSK55 combines a Grove GMK3055 all-terrain crane upper with a specially-designed chassis that acts as a trailer. Customers then use the truck tractor of their choice to transport the crane.

CraneSTAR equips each crane with a Manitowoc-engineered control unit that monitors operating data via the crane’s proprietary CAN bus network or RS232, including information from the load moment indicator. Information is transmitted via global GSM cellular data networks to a secure database, which crane owners access from any Web-connected computer or handheld.

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