Potain MCT 565 A Tower Crane

June 3, 2022

Manitowoc’s MCT 565 A Potain tower crane is a compact version of its MCT 565 M32, which has a lift capacity of 32 tons.

The topless Potain MCT 565 A has a shorter jib and counter-jib than the MCT 565 M32, and is marketed for job sites where several cranes operate within close proximity, according to the company.

The MCT 565 A can be rigged with a minimum of 25 meters of jib, 5 meters less than the minimum 30 meters required for the existing versions. The counter-jib can also be shorter, with just 15 meters needed on the MCT 565 A while still allowing the crane to work with up to 35 meters of jib. According to the company, customers can position the topless crane into tight working locations and lift larger loads.

The compact footprint enables the crane’s working area to be reduced significantly, while the load curve is also increased in the shorter configuration. The MCT 565 M32 can lift 19.7 tons at the end of its shortest-available jib of 30 meters, and the MCT 565 A will lift 22.5 tons at that distance. The capacity advantage continues all the way to jib lengths of 45 meters, where the MCT 565 A offers a 14.2-ton capacity, which is 1.1 tons more than MCT 565 M32.