Self-erecting Crane Keeps Roads Open

Aug. 20, 2020

Quasius Construction avoided partial street shutdowns by using a Potain Igo T 85 A self-erecting tower crane to build an apartment complex in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Using a crawler crane would have required the shutdowns because the of the small size and constrained location of the job site on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Igo T 85 A was capable of reaching the entire job site from a single location while only needing a 14.8 square feet of base footprint.

“Pennsylvania Avenue is a significant road for residents who want to access the lake or riverfront area, so it was essential to minimize public disruption as well as the additional project cost and downtime that road closures would entail,” said Matt Noordyk, director of field operations at Quasius Construction, in a prepared statement. “The Igo T 85 A gave us the small footprint, easy setup and long reach necessary for job site efficiency.”

Quasius used the 6.6-ton-capacity Manitowoc crane to build the apartment building from the ground up, including prefabricated walls, ceiling trusses, flooring, roofing materials, and f-frame steel decks. The five-story, multifamily apartment complex will provide 66 homes, along with 92 underground parking spaces and 8,100 square feet of commercial space.

Operating fully from electric motors, the Igo T 85 A self-erecting crane’s quiet operation also proved advantageous for the residential project.

“The crane runs very quietly, which is important with this being a peaceful downtown area. We didn’t want to disturb the neighbors,” Noordyk said.

Quasius Construction positioned the Igo T 85 A on the west side of the building from where its 147.6-foot maximum jib radius covered the entire job site. The crane operates by radio remote control, enabling improved job site communication and visibility across the site by the operator.

The operator can move around the job site to the best vantage point and cooperate with different subcontractors to create an overall more cohesive team. They can build relationships with the carpenters, for example, because they are working alongside and can help them work more efficiently by moving their supplies to exactly where they need them.

“The Igo T 85 A crane has enabled our subcontractors to work together and get the job done quicker, since workers aren’t waiting on equipment or doing unnecessary labor,” Noordyk said.

The Igo T 85 A is quickly becoming popular among contractors as a new way of building more cost-effectively on a job site, and reducing the need for additional equipment. For one example, at the Sheboygan apartment complex project, the self-erecting crane eliminated the need for an additional forklift on site to move framing materials, as the operator was able to quickly pick and place all materials with the crane.

“Overall, we are extremely pleased with the Igo T 85 A. It’s a versatile tool that does everything we need it to and more, helping to drive efficiency on site,” Noordyk said.