Grove GMK5150, GMK5120 All Terrain Cranes

Oct. 14, 2022
Cranes are in the 150- and 120-ton classes.

The 150-ton-capacity Grove GMK5150XL has about 225 feet of main boom, at which it can lift 8.1 tons. At 216 feet, it lifts 9.5 tons; at 195 feet, it lifts 13.0 tons.

Counterweight slabs are interchangeable with those from the GMK5120L or any other Grove 150 t crane, and it can carry up to 10.2 tons of counterweight.

The 120-ton capacity Grove GMK5120L has main boom of about 216 feet.

Both all terrain cranes come with the latest generation of carrier cabs. The new cab design seats the operator an additional 9 inches from the centerline, enhancing visibility and maneuverability.