Trailers, Special Purpose


Felling Utility Pole Cargo Trailers

Aug. 20, 2021
The Felling Trailers Utility Pole Cargo (UPT-C) trailer line offers four models with GVWRs ranging from 13,800 pounds to 23,000 pounds.All models are standard with electric FSA...

Trailers, Special Purpose

Felling Trailers Self-loading Turret Reel

The Felling Self Loading Turret Reel trailer features a 360-degree hydraulically operated rotating turret assembly, and the FT-14-2 R Turret can lock into any position when the...

Felling Utility Pole Trailers

June 20, 2018
Utility Pole trailers are available in three lengths: 20-foot retracted to 30-foot extended; 24-foot retracted to 40-foot extended; and 29-foot retracted to 46-foot extended.Payload...
Trailers, Special Purpose

Felling Trailers Customized FT-10 R Turret Reel Trailer

Oct. 31, 2017
The company has the ability to customize the FT-10 R Turret Reel trailer for municipalities, electric utilities, communications, gas, oil, and more.With its 360-degree rotating...
Trailers, Special Purpose

Master Mover TMS1650+ Trailer Moving System

Oct. 11, 2017
MasterMover has launched its articulated trailer moving system, a pedestrian-operated motorized electric tug that can move loads of up to 2,425 pounds.The TMS1650+ is designed...
Trailers, Special Purpose

ARDCO Pipe Trailer

June 13, 2017
The ARDCO pipe trailer is designed for use with the company’s AMT 600 articulating multipurpose truck (AMT). It has a load capacity of 50,000 pounds and can be adjusted in length...
Trailers, Special Purpose

Talbert Oil Field Series Trailers

Aug. 28, 2013
Talbert three-trailer Oil Field Series consists of a 3-axle, 35-ton step deck; a 4-axle, 60-ton fixed-gooseneck trailer; and a 5-axle, 65-ton fixed-gooseneck trailer.A winch, ...
Trailers, Special Purpose

Talbert 6-Axle, 60-Ton Steer Dolly

July 19, 2013
The 6-axle, 60-ton steer dolly from Talbert Manufacturing is designed to handle self-supporting superloads from heavy, low-riding materials, such as bridge beams and steel girders...