Danfoss Dextreme Systems Pathway

April 6, 2023
Danfoss Dextreme Systems Pathway for excavators

Danfoss Dextreme systems pathway for excavators are designed to improve excavator energy efficiency by 15 to 50 percent, regardless of the power source, while maximizing productivity.

The pathway consists of three incremental system solutions: Swap, Flex, and Max. The simplest configuration of the system, Dextreme Swap, is now available. Dextreme Swap replaces the excavator's main hydraulic pump with a Digital Displacement pump, custom software, and digital controller, delivering a 15 perecent reduction in fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions compared to an excavator fitted with a conventional swash plate pump. Dextreme Flex and Dextreme Max, not yet commercially available, build upon the Dextreme Swap system. Dextreme Flex dynamically allocates the pump flow to services based on demand, reducing throttling losses in the main control valve. Dextreme Max adds energy recovery from excavator motions, such as slew deceleration and boom down, as well as direct load control from the pump itself, further cutting throttling losses. Dextreme Flex and Dextreme Max are predicted to deliver energy savings of 30 and 50 percent, respectively, according to the company.