Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Hamm HC 200i C VA, HC 250i C VA Compactors

Operating weights are 43,185 and 53,604 pounds, respectively.

Case SV217E compactor

Case SV215E, SV217E Vibratory Rollers

The SV215E and SV217E Case compactors are 154-horsepower single-drum vibratory rollers. Operating weights are 33,420 and 36,500 pounds respectively, with centrifugal forces up...
Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

Caterpillar GC Series Vibratory Soil Compactors

April 6, 2021
Caterpillar expands its single drum vibratory soil compactor line with the introduction of the 84-inch Cat GC Series, built for simple operation, high reliability, and low cost...
Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

Dynapac CA1400 Vibratory Roller

April 6, 2020
Dynapac CA1400 single-drum vibratory compactor is a 66-inch roller with a static linear load of 112 pli. It has two amplitudes: 0.067 and 0.032 inch. It is available in a padfoot...
Paving Equipment & Materials Production

BOMAG BW 219 DH-5 Roller

March 23, 2020
The BOMAG BW 219 DH-5 single-drum vibratory roller is designed for heavy civil-earthworks compaction projects, such as landfill-cell construction, industrial construction, airport...
Sheepsfoot Rollers or Padfoot Rollers

Dynapac CA1400 soil compactor

March 6, 2020
The Dynapac CA1400 soil compactor is a vibratory roller with compact dimensions anddesigned for compacting all types of supporting and reinforcement courses used in such applications...
Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

Case SV212D and SV216D Single-drum Vibratory Rollers

Case SV212D and SV216D single drum rollers can be used with a smooth drum or padfoot drum as a soil compactor.They are able to climb grades of up to 67 percent and also feature...
Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

BOMAG BW 125-5 Compactor

March 8, 2018
The new generation of compact BW 124-5 single-drum vibratory rollers, available in both smooth (BW 124 DH-5) and pad-foot (BW 124 PDH-5) drum configurations, have a 47.2-inch ...

Machines and Measurements for Pavement Foundations

Sept. 28, 2010
Walt Moore, Senior EditorVibratory soil compactors are usually the least conspicuous machines on road-building projects. Either they're long gone before the more glamorous paving...