Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Hamm HD 14i TT Pneumatic Roller

HD 14i TT Hamm pneumatic roller has a maximum operating weight of 9,702 pounds and working width of 50.2 inches. It has three-point articulation, and drum width ranges from 31...

Pneumatic Tire Rollers

Hamm HP Series Pneumatic Rollers

Hamm HP Series pneumatic-tire rollers have upgraded operator’s platform, water-and-additive sprinkling system, and ballasting system. The series has a common platform for all ...
Pneumatic Tire Rollers

Case PT240D Rubber Tire Roller

The Case PT240D pneumatic tire roller has an operating weight of 21,380 pounds and a compaction width of 78.2 inches. It can carry 31,530 pounds of ballast—including steel, sand...
Pneumatic Tire Rollers

Caterpillar CW16 Pneumatic Roller

June 20, 2018
Designed for use on granular materials and all types of asphalt-mix designs, the CW16 pneumatic roller is available as a standard nine-wheel model with a 69-inch compaction width...
Volvo pt125c compactor

Volvo PT125C Pneumatic-Tire Roller

April 5, 2017
The PT125C nine-wheel, pneumatic-tire compactor employs a kneading action for the compaction of hot and warm mix asphalt, says the company. The PT125C also is suitable for chip...
BOMAG BW 28 roller

BOMAG BW 28 Pneumatic Roller

March 7, 2017
The BW 28 RH pneumatic-tire roller features a 106-cubic-foot ballast compartment and weight-ballast changing system to increase wheel loads and improve compaction performance....
Caterpillar CW34 pneumatic roller
Pneumatic Tire Rollers

Caterpillar CW34 Pneumatic Roller

April 11, 2016
The CW34 eight-wheel pneumatic roller has an operating range of 9 to 29 tons. The modular steel ballast system can be added or removed in order to adjust operating weights and...
Pneumatic Tire Rollers

Dynapac CP1200 Pneumatic Roller Has Flexible Ballast

April 23, 2015
The CP1200 pneumatic-tired roller has flexible steel ballast that is evenly distributed between tires and can be adjusted to fit various applications. Compacting width is 5.77...
BOMAG BW11RH-5 roller
Pneumatic Tire Rollers

Bomag BW11RH-5 Pneumatic Roller

March 23, 2015
The BW11RH-5 pneumatic-tire roller features 35-degree, center-point, articulated steering with an inside turning radius of 10 feet, allowing the front and rear tires to maintain...