Volvo PT125C Pneumatic-Tire Roller

April 5, 2017

The PT125C nine-wheel, pneumatic-tire compactor employs a kneading action for the compaction of hot and warm mix asphalt, says the company. The PT125C also is suitable for chip-seal applications, the machine's heavy-duty, 14-ply tires that press aggregate into binder without fracturing the stone. According to Mark Eckert, global product manager, the PT125C is a good fit for applications using stiffer mixes, or as a complement to other compactors on jobs that require high density and smooth finish.

Maximum operating weight of the machine can be adjusted from 9,830 to 25,000 pounds by ballasting with different materials. Variable ballasting, plus a central tire-inflation system, says Volvo, enables operators to meet the contact pressure desired on any job.

The four front tires are staggered in position to provide overlap with the five rear tires, resulting in full width coverage. Front and rear tires oscillate independently and conform to the work surface to deliver uniform density and sealing, says Volvo, even on irregular surfaces. The PT125C is equipped with a two-speed hydrostatic transmission, and rolling speeds of up to 12 mph are achievable in each direction.