Material Handler Excavators

Cat MH3026 material handler
Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Caterpillar MH3026 Material Handler

Nov. 15, 2021
Caterpillar MH3026 material handling excavator has an operating weight ranging from 58,202 to 64,375 pounds. The purpose-built Cat material handler reaches to 42 feet 8 inches...

Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Caterpillar MH3022, MH3024 Material Handlers

July 7, 2021
The Cat MH3022 and Cat MH3024 material handlers are purpose-built machines for the waste and scrap metal markets.The Next Generation Caterpillar material handlers are powered ...
Material Handler Excavators

Cat MH3250, MH3260 Material Handlers

April 15, 2021
The new Caterpillar MH3250 and MH3260 material handlers feature mechanical variable-gauge undercarriages. The track gauge retracts to 10 feet, 7 inches, and extends to 12 feet...
Material Handler Excavators

Volvo EW200E Material Handler

Volvo’s EW200E material handler has a 48,500-pound operating weight and is powered by a Volvo D6J 6-liter, 173-horsepower Tier 4-F engine.Auto idle and auto engine shutdown help...
Material Handler Excavators

Caterpillar MH3040 Material Handler

May 29, 2020
The Cat MH3040 material handler replaces the M325D L MH and is built with the company’s “next generation” excavator components. The unit has a 202-horsepower Cat C7.1 diesel engine...
Material Handler Excavators

Liebherr LH 30 M & LH 60 M Material Handlers

March 26, 2020
The LH 30 M Industry Litronic material handler has an operating weight between 58,400 and 64,200 pounds and a 188-horsepower engine. The separate hydraulic pump in the closed ...
Material Handler Excavators

Link-Belt 600 X4 Material Handler

LBX purpose-built its Link-Belt 600 X4 material handler (MH) for material handling and demolition applications in the U.S. and Canada.
Material Handler Excavators

Volvo EW240E Material Handler

The EW240E material handler is a purpose-built machine for the waste and recycling market. The unit has a newly designed center frame, a reinforced undercarriage, 9-foot axles...
Case Frank

Case CX290D Material Handler, Scrap Loader

Case has introduced two versions of the CX290D: a dedicated material handler and a scrap loader. With an operating weight of 72,100 pounds and lift capacities of up to 24,650 ...