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Aquajet_Aqua Cutter750V
Light Equipment

Aqua Cutter 750V

Feb. 1, 2022
Aqua Cutter 750V is a hydrodemolition robot from Aquajet. Infinity oscillation moves the water jet in a figure-eight pattern, which the company says reduces shadowing, eliminates...

Husqvarna Dxr Robots
Demolition Tools

Husqvarna DXR Demolition Robots

Husqvarna’s range of demolition robots (DXR 145, DXR 275, DXR 305, and DXR 315) offer, on average, a power increase above 20 percent when compared to previous models. Thanks to...
Demolition Tools

Brokk 110 Electric-powered Remote-controlled Demolition Machine With More Power

The electric-powered Brokk 110 remote-controlled demolition machine features increased power over its predecessor, the Brokk 100, and includes the Brokk SmartPower electrical ...
Brokk 60II
Demolition Tools

Brokk 60 II Demolition Machine

Feb. 18, 2016
Updated Brokk 60 II remote-controlled demolition machine is 23.2 inches wide and 34.3 inches wide, weighing 1,102 pounds. The hydraulic system has been upgraded to provide 10 ...
Husqvarna K 970
Demolition Tools

Husqvarna K 970 Power Cutter

K 970 power cutter is designed for heavier cutting of concrete and stone in alterations, renovations and new construction work.It can also cut pipe, asphalt, metal, and curbstones...
Husqvarna DXR 300
Demolition Tools

Husqvarna DXR 270, DXR 300 Demolition Robots

Husqvarna has introduced the DXR 270 and DXR 300 remote-controlled demolition robots, suited for indoor and outdoor work.The 25-horsepower DXR 270 weighs 3,860 pounds and is 31...
Brokk 100
Demolition Tools

Brokk 100 Demolition Machine

Feb. 8, 2012
Brokk 100 remote-controlled demolition machine replaces model 90 with 35 percent more breaking power. The unit is 3.8 feet high and 2.6 feet wide, which allows it to access confined...
Demolition Tools

Stanley LaBounty F16 Demolition Robot

Stanley LaBounty F16 remote-controlled demolition robot is its first entry into the middle-weight segment. The unit is a track-based, electrically driven carrier weighing 3,417...


The DXR 250 demolition robot has an extra-low-weight fixed arm to ensure stability at the end of its 15-foot reach, according to Husqvarna.