Aqua Cutter 750V

Feb. 1, 2022

Aqua Cutter 750V is a hydrodemolition robot from Aquajet. Infinity oscillation moves the water jet in a figure-eight pattern, which the company says reduces shadowing, eliminates the risk of pipe holes, and providing an ideal bonding surface.

Evolution 3.0 Control System includes the ability to automatically calculate optimal settings for lance motion for greater precision and efficiency. The 750V cleans and descales rebar without causing microfracturing.

The Aqua Cutter 750V uses spring-tensioned rollers and quick connection to the roller beam. It also uses absolute sensors, which means it automatically adjusts at the touch of a button. With a larger roller width and a new triangulated base frame for improved stability, the infinity power head contributes to precision while improving the Hydrodemolition result.