JLG 400S, 460SJ Telescopic Aerial Work Platforms

March 2, 2015
JLG 400S, 460SJ Telescopic Aerial Work Platforms

Models 400S and 460SJ telescopic aerial work platforms feature a new hood design made of Dura Tough, a flexible polymer, with new latches for access and security. The number of hydraulic hoses has been reduced, to minimize servicing and the potential for leaks. The 400S lifts up to 1,000 pounds to a 46-foot working height, with 33-foot horizontal reach. The 460SJ has a platform capacity of 600 pounds unrestricted, a 52-foot working height with jib, and 40 feet of horizontal reach.

JLG Telescopic AWP Specifications


  • 600 pounds unrestricted/1,000 pounds restricted platform capacity
  • 40 foot platform height, 46 foot working height
  • 33 foot horizontal outreach, 35 foot working outreach


  • 600 pounds unrestricted platform capacity
  • 46 foot platform height with jib for additional up-and-over maneuverability, 52 foot working height
  • 40 foot horizontal outreach, 42 foot working outreach