JLG Expands Service Network With Authorized Providers

Oct. 17, 2022

JLG Industries is expanding its network of Authorized Service Providers in the United States to provide equipment repair, warranty, maintenance, inspections, parts, and other support services nationwide to JLG customers, no matter where their equipment is working.

JLG’s independent service operations are available to complete service work on all makes and models of equipment within their defined territories.

The Authorized Service Providers are different from the company's distributors in that they are only contracted to provide maintenance and repair work. JLG's distributors buy, sell or rent JLG equipment, as well as provide maintenance and repair work to customers. There are currently 44 Authorized Service Providers in the U.S., according to a JLG spokesperson.

“Many of our customers have limited and overtaxed in-house service capabilities, and they are looking to outsource maintenance and repair work to keep their shops efficient,” says Dan Fry, JLG’s senior program manager for Authorized Service Providers. “When it comes to maintaining the quality and maximum value of JLG machines, there is no substitute for good preventive maintenance and care. With our network of authorized service providers, JLG confidently provides them with responsive, world-class quality service and support, available throughout the life of our products.” 

According to Fry, JLG authorized service providers can serve customers in various capacities, including warranty service work, local parts support, inspection services, mobile and in-shop repair services, as well as maintenance and repair work.

Source: JLG