Bobcat donates $5M to NDSU science center

Nov. 7, 2023
Donation of $5 million will be used to help match the state's allocation of $59 million.

The North Dakota legislature has appropriated $59 million for a new science facility at North Dakota State University in Fargo. Private funds will be used to match the state investment, including a $5 million donation from Doosan Bobcat.

The Center for Engineering and Computational Sciences will foster multidisciplinary engineering education, provide advanced technology, and encourage innovation and problem-solving in labs and collaborative workspaces, according to the company.

“The College of Engineering plays a critical role in the state by educating the next generation of workforce, conducting research that matters to our economy, and engaging with communities to work on problems and identify solutions that advance our society,” said Dave Cook, president of NDSU, in a statement.

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According to NDSU, 5,800 job openings in North Dakota last year required engineering degrees, but only 512 engineering and computer science students graduated from the state’s universities. Of the pool of North Dakota natives who graduate from NDSU, 80% stay for their first job, meaning there is an appetite among young professionals to remain local and impact the state economy.

“As a company built on decades of engineering advancements, Bobcat is committed to investing in and developing the talent pool that will shape the next century of innovation,” said Mike Ballweber, president of Doosan Bobcat North America. “We are proud to support NDSU as they educate future engineers who are helping us transform how the world runs job sites, builds cities, and thinks about a sustainable future.”

Headquartered in West Fargo, North Dakota, Bobcat is the state’s largest manufacturer and a major employer with more than 3,750 employees in the state. Bobcat is also one of the largest employers of NDSU graduates: More than 55% of all Bobcat engineers are NDSU alumni, according to the company.

“Like other manufacturers and employers in the state, recruiting, growing, and retaining a quality, skilled workforce is an ongoing challenge,” said Joel Honeyman, VP of global innovation at Bobcat and an NDSU alumnus in mechanical engineering and agricultural and applied economics. “For Bobcat and other regional companies to remain competitive, we need the best and brightest engineers working across our sites.”

Source: Doosan Bobcat

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