Loader Quick-Attach Couplers

Cat TRS8 Tilt Rotate - WT_NC_0919_330
Equipment Attachments

Caterpillar TRS8 Tilt Rotate Coupler

Nov. 1, 2019
The Caterpillar TRS8 tilt rotate coupler for mini hydraulic excavators offers 360 degrees of rotation and 40 degrees of tilt. The attachment also has the ability to position cutting...

WSR_SS to JD 400-500 Series
Loader Quick-Attach Couplers

Worksaver Universal Skid Steer Adapter for John Deere 400, 500 Series Loaders

Feb. 12, 2016
The 835070 adapter interfaces with the “Universal” skid steer attachment system, allowing the use of John Deere 400 and 500 loader series attachments.The simple design provides...
WSR_Skid Steer to Cat I Quick Hitch1
Loader Quick-Attach Couplers

Worksaver Skid Steer to Category 1 Quick Hitch Adapter

Jan. 14, 2016
Skid Steer to Category 1 quick hitch adapter allows the operator to use Category 1 non-PTO powered implements on skid steers.The adapter is designed for mounting any of the following...
WSR_7462_Mini Universal to Standard Skid Steer Adapter
Loader Quick-Attach Couplers

Worksaver Mini Universal to Standard Skid Steer Adapter Allows Attachment Switches

Dec. 10, 2015
A new adapter is available from Worksaver for mini skid steers and compact tool carriers that allows standard size skid steer attachments to be connected.The new Mini Universal...
WSR_6514_SS to Euro - Global Adapter
Loader Quick-Attach Couplers

Worksaver Skid Steer Adapter

June 12, 2014
Skid steer adapter is designed to allow the use of Euro-/global-type attachments on skid steer loaders.The adapter features an all-welded design, plated rods, and an easy release...
JRB Triad 416 Cast Coupler_front
Loader Quick-Attach Couplers

Paladin JRB Triad 416 Cast Coupler

June 2, 2014
The JRB Triad 416 Cast Coupler for wheel loaders features a cast design that reduces overall weight by up to 32 percent over an equivalent fabricated coupler, Paladin says.Also...
WSR_IH 2255
Loader Quick-Attach Couplers

Worksaver Skid Steer Adapter for Case IH Loaders

April 23, 2013
Worksaver has introduced a new skid steer adapter for Case IH tractors with model 2250 and 2255 loaders that have pin-on buckets retained by 1 1/8-inch pins. Customers can easily...
Loader Quick-Attach Couplers

JRB Multi Pick Up Coupler

Sept. 28, 2010
A two-cylinder design allows the JRB Multi Pick-Up coupler to accommodate any number of "quick-hitch" front-end loader attachments. These include JRB 416, JRB ISO, Deere 416 and...
Equipment Attachments

Case Wheel Loader Coupler

To facilitate the switching of attachments from the seat of the cab, Case 521E, 621E, 721E, 821E wheel loaders and their various configurations are now available with a new Case...