Construction Lifting & Concrete Placement

Tadano GR-1300XL-4 RT Crane

March 16, 2021
The Tadano GR-1300XL-4 rough terrain crane has a six-section boom that can extend up to 183.7 feet using a telescoping pinning system. Boom length range is 40 to 183.7 feet, and...

Rough Terrain Cranes

Tadano GR-150XL-3, GR-800XL-4, GR-1000XLL-4 RT Cranes

March 19, 2020
Tadano GR-150XL-3 rough terrain crane, GR-800XL-4, and GR-1000XLL-4 RT cranes are available in North America.Tadano GR-150XL-3The GR-150XL-3, a new compact model for the North...
Grove GRT8120 Rough-Terrain Crane
Rough Terrain Cranes

Grove GRT8120 Rough-Terrain Crane

March 6, 2020
Manitowoc Cranes latest rough-terrain model, the Grove GRT8120, is well-suited, says the company, for a wide range of applications, including the petrochemical, construction, ...
Rough Terrain Cranes

Tadano GR Rough Terrain Cranes

Jan. 31, 2020
Tadano GR-1000XLL-4, GR-1000XL-4, and GR-800XL-4 rough terrain cranes are upgrades in the 75 to 100-ton lifting class. The Tadano cranes are powered by a 280-horsepower Cummins...
Rough Terrain Cranes

Link-Belt Cranes 120RT Rough-terrain Crane

March 6, 2019
The 120RT rough-terrain crane is a 120-ton unit with a six-section boom, providing reach from 38.3 to 164.1 feet. A two-piece on-board offsettable fly offers 35 to 58 feet reach...
Rough Terrain Cranes

Link-Belt 100RT Rough-terrain Crane

Sept. 17, 2018
The 100RT rough-terrain crane has a five-section boom that provides reach from 40.6 to 155 feet.

Grove GRT655 Rough Terrain Crane

March 10, 2017
The GRT655 RT crane has a 55-ton capacity with a 114.3-foot, four-section, full-power boom. The boom is greaseless. Bottom wear pads support the boom sections and consist of a...
Liebherr heavy terrain

Liebherr Rough-Terrain Cranes

March 8, 2017
Liebherr has extended its mobile-crane product range with an additional series of rough-terrain (RT) cranes: the 100-ton-capacity LRT 1090-2.1 and 110-ton-capacity LRT 1100-2....
Tadano GR1200XL RT Crane

Tadano GR1200XL-2 Rough-Terrain Crane

Jan. 17, 2017
Newest model in the Tadano rough-terrain lineup is the GR-1200XL, rated at 120 tons capacity and slotted between the company’s 100-ton GR-1000XL and 160-ton GR-1600XL. (The GR...