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Worksaver, Inc.

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P.O. Box 100
9 Worksaver Tr.
Litchfield, IL 62056-0100
Phone: 217-324-5973
Fax: 217-324-3356



The 835070 adapter interfaces with the “Universal” skid steer attachment system, allowing the use of John Deere 400 and 500 loader series attachments.

Skid Steer to Category 1 quick hitch adapter allows the operator to use Category 1 non-PTO powered implements on skid steers.

A new adapter is available from Worksaver for mini skid steers and compact tool carriers that allows standard size skid steer attachments to be connected.

The 36 Series Snow Pushers from Worksaver are for skid steers and tractors with loaders that use the “Universal” skid steer quick-attach system.

Sweep Action Rock Grapples (SARG) for skid steer loaders are designed for handling rocks, brush, logs, stumps, debris, scraps, and more.

CE-Heavy-Duty Demolition Grapples,CE-Backhoe & Excavator Quick-Attach Couplers,CE-Attachments,CE-Breakers,CE-Wood and brush attachments,CE-Scrap Grapples,CE-Brush Grapples (Light Duty),CE-Loader Quick-Attach Couplers,CE-Grapple Forks,CE-Rakes,CE-Earthmoving
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