Hidden Workhorses of Construction

Hidden Workhorses of Construction

April 21, 2017

Alongside all the heavy equipment on a job site, and in some cases outnumbering it, work various sizes of trucks. They perform tasks from simple personnel transportation to hauling the equipment to and from the site.

Exclusive research: How fleets manage work trucks

Construction trucks range from compact pickups through the heavies that move materials and machines. They are hidden in plain sight, because they are ubiquitous. And because they are everywhere, it’s easy to lose the forest in the trees.

According to our data, 70 percent of our subscribers acquire trucks for work in all types of construction vocations. The same fleet professionals who acquire, maintain, and dispose of construction equipment do the same for pickup trucks, medium-duty work trucks, and heavy-duty work trucks. The function of fleet asset management extends across a wide range of product responsibilities.

We surveyed our subscribers to find out how they manage work trucks, Classes 4-8, in the construction sector. That research sheds new light on how trucks are used, how they are managed, and how long they stay in a fleet.