Wirtgen 3800 CR Recycler

April 6, 2011

New 3800 CR cold-in-place recycler from Wirtgen America also cold mills. The unit can recycle a full lane in one pass and stabilize with either foamed asphalt or other medium. With a conveyor mounted, it can do full-lane cold milling. Using the same platform as the company’s 2200 CR, it has a full-lane, 12-foot, 6-inch-wide drum with a matching screed width. It can recycle up to 6 inches deep, and it can mill to 13.75 inches deep in upcut mode. Turning the drum 180 degree allows downcut milling. An integral gradation beam in front of the cutter is hydraulically held in place on the pavement surface to avoid “chunking” of asphalt into the recycle mix.