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Volvo EW200E Material Handler


Material Handler Excavators

Volvo EW200EMH material handler.

Volvo’s EW200E material handler has a 48,500-pound operating weight and is powered by a Volvo D6J 6-liter, 173-horsepower Tier 4-F engine.

Auto idle and auto engine shutdown help reduce fuel consumption, and ECO mode is available to increase fuel efficiency.

The material handler excavator features three boom and arm configurations. The straight boom can be fitted with either a 13-foot gooseneck arm or an 11-foot 6-inch sorting arm. This gives the machine a lift capacity of 25,600 pounds and a maximum reach of 33 feet. Factory-installed auxiliary circuits also enable sorting grabs and orange-peel grapples. The machine’s Attachment Management System can store settings for up to 20 different attachments, according to the company.

Double damped cab mounts reduce vibration noise, and boom cylinder dampening minimizes vibration and holds the grapple in place for increased stability. The grapple control and soft swing system work together for improved accuracy during simultaneous operations. The machine is also equipped with an adjustable arm-in limitation, designed to prevent collision between the cab and grapple. A height limitation function provides further safety when working indoors.

In addition, Volvo material handlers offer application-specific features to increase activity, uptime, and operator comfort. Four stabilizers can be used on the machine (front blade and rear outrigger are standard). The cab can be raised more than 16 feet above the ground. Outriggers, blade, and cab-rising functions can be completed without removing hands from joysticks. The machine can be ordered without the steering column, allowing the operator to control the machine using only the joysticks and improving visibility. Comfort Drive Control allows driving up to 12 mph.

Users are also able to configure their machine and have it delivered from the factory. For increased visibility, users can fit the machine with Volvo Smart View or a one-piece polycarbonate window with protection film. Additionally, users can select from a gooseneck arm or sorting arm. Solid rubber tires are also an option, along with a Smart View feature for bird’s eye view of the machine.

Volvo EW200E Material Handler Specifications

  • Power: 173 hp
  • Lift capacity: 25,600 lb.
  • Max reach: 33 ft.
  • Operating weight: 48,500 lb.
  • Max speed: 12.4 mph