Volvo EC380DHR, EC480DHR Excavators for Demolition Work

October 24, 2012

High-reach models EC380DHR and EC480DHR excavators can be fitted with either high-reach or standard digging boom configurations. Changeover takes as little as 30 minutes, the company says, and uses its base boom modular joint system. The EC380DHR reaches 69 feet 2 inches, and the EC480DHR reaches 89 feet 9 inches for demolition applications. Both models are equipped with a Volvo D13 Tier 4-I engine for lower emissions and increased horsepower and engine torque. Productivity is boosted with higher main hydraulic pressure and better hydraulic flow, the company says, as well as increased swing speed, travel speed, arm tear-out and bucket breakout forces. Operator comfort is improved with lower interior sound levels. The cabin hydraulically tilts up to 30 degrees, reducing operator neck strain and fatigue when working on high-reach jobs.

Standard demolition package on Volvo HR excavators

  • Bucket cylinder guard (digging front) and boom cylinder guard (high reach front) to protect rods and cylinders from falling object damage.
  • Swing ring protection guard to protect the swing ring bearing seal and grease piping from damage by rebar, timber, concrete or other rubble.
  • Frame-mounted, falling object guard (FOG). Bars on the front of the guard are set at angles to increase forward visibility and open easily for cleaning the front window.
  • Micro-mesh screens on doors and engine cowl keep out particles that could result in overheating and impede engine performance.
  • Double thickness side doors on both sides of the superstructure to protect pumps and coolers in the event of collision.
  • Bolt-on side impact protection system to defend the superstructure from damage.
  • Enhanced 8mm under-guarding (10mm under the slew ring).
  • Full-length track guards to repel demolition debris and prevent rebar or other sharp objects from lodging in the tracks.
  • Total moment indicator (TMI) system, which detects if the machine is under overload (through pressure, angle and slew sensors) and warns the operator via audible alarm and lamp signal.
  • Hydraulically retractable undercarriage with cylindrical design for better stability during work and for ease of transport.
  • Front view camera on high reach demolition boom with large 7-inch monitor for greater visibility and safety.