Volvo EC250D, EC300D Excavators

June 8, 2011

Available 3Q 2011, new EC250D and EC300D excavators join Volvo Construction Equipment’s D-Series lineup. Each delivers 9 percent to 13 percent better fuel efficiency than predecessor models with Tier 4-I Volvo D8H engines that deliver 202 horsepower for the EC250D and 227 for the EC300D. EC250D weighs 54,230 to 61,730 pounds, and the EC300D weighs 66,140 to 73,630 pounds. Contronics mode-selection system provides five working modes that optimize fuel usage: Idle, Fine, General, Heavy, and Power-Max (100 rpm more than Heavy). Hydraulics system has two variable-displacement axial piston pumps, and the system can prioritize flow according to the work being done. Boom Float frees up hydraulic flow by lowering using gravity only, and Boom-Down/Arm-in/Bucket-In regeneration system diverts oil from the cylinder piston side to the cylinder rod side.