[VIDEO] 3D Printer Demos Home Construction

February 25, 2020
3D printed concrete walls.

Danish 3D printing construction company COBOD 3D printed the walls of four small houses during the international Bautec construction exhibition in Berlin. The demonstration was completed using the BOD2 3D construction printer.

According to 3D Printing Industry, The BOD2 3D printer is a modular machine capable of printing buildings with measurements with 12 meters in width, 27 meters in length, and 9 meters in height. The size of the 3D printer can be extended with modules in width, length, and height of 2.5 meters. 

The printer has a potential maximum speed of 100 cm/second, according to the article. COBOD also told 3D Printing Industry that the BOD2 can produce three story buildings in one go, with each story capable of being more than 300 square meters in length. 

COBOD has sold seven of its BOD2 construction 3D printers. Customers include the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and construction company Elite for Construction & Development Co. DTU is using the system for R&D purposes in order to develop new manufacturing processes for the industry.

Source: E&T