[VIDEO] China Completes World’s Largest 3D Printed Structure

December 6, 2019
Hard hat on the ground.

An article in 3D Printing Media Network reports that the Chinese town of Suzhou is now home to a 1,640-foot-long wall, which is now the world’s largest 3D printed structure, according to the article.

The wall, built by the Chinese construction company Winsun, is a river revetment—a sloping wall designed to protect a shoreline from erosion by absorbing the energy of the water’s current. According to the article, these structures can be vital to preserving coastal habitats, however, the excavation and foundation laying required can pose environmental threats.

Since riverbank repair projects require costly building materials, they are often expensive and complicated to implement. The use of 3D printing allows for improved river revetment by closely following the shoreline’s original shape. By 3D printing the revetment, Winsun was able to “put less stress on the ecosystem.”

Source: 3D Printing Media Network & Futurism: The Byte