Versatile Design Sorts, Loads And Demolishes

Staff | September 28, 2010

Atlas Copco MG 1900 grapple attachmentWeighing in at 4,189 pounds, the Atlas Copco MG 1900 multi-grapple attachment can clamp 1.1 cubic yards of demolition debris with eight tons of clamping force, allowing the tool to sort and load rubble, as well as to demolish concrete and wood structures. Suitable for use with carriers in the 20-to-30-metric-ton weight class, the MG 1900 operates at a pressure of 5,076 psi and accepts a maximum flow of 40 gpm. The tool's jaws open to 87 inches, and each jaw tip uses a replaceable wear edge that can be flipped for a second life. Estimated list price: $35,000.