Vermeer PTX42 Trencher


Underground Construction

A worker uses a Vermeer PTX42 trencher
Pivoting hand controls can be moved from one side of the Vermeer PTX42 trencher to the other.

Vermeer PTX42 walk-beside plow/trencher has a maximum plow depth of 24 inches, and the trencher goes 42 inches deep and 6 inches wide. It is powered by a 46.8-horsepower Kubota WG1605 gasoline engine that is coupled to planetary axles to reduce stress and torque to the driveline, the company says.

Pivoting hand controls can be moved from one side of the machine to the other to give the operator greater flexibility, and electronic controls provide precise handling of machine operations. Designed with center articulation, it oscillates at the point of articulation for maneuverability even in tight working conditions and on uneven terrain, according to the company. It also has electronic creep control.

“Contractors performing small diameter installation work will like the responsive controls of the PTX42,” explained at Vermeer. “It’s similar in size and performance to the Vermeer PTX40 plow/trencher and PTX44 plow/trencher,” says Ed Savage, product manager. “But this model offers hands-on controls in a walk-beside configuration. While there is a growing number of operators who enjoy the remote control option offered with the PTX40, there are still a lot of contractors that want hand controls. The PTX42 is the ideal setup for those individuals.”

Four traction options are offered: 23-inch tires for working on congested job sites, 26-inch air or foam filled tires to optimize traction, dual tires to help with stability and lower ground pressure, and tracks for working in uneven terrain.