Vermeer FT100, FT300 Mulching Tractors

July 29, 2015

The FT100 forestry tractor (pictured at bottom) has an above-ground mulcher attachment with a ringed rotor that measures 18 inches in diameter and has 18 disks and 17 tip mounts to help guide material into the cutting path for single-pass clearing. The push bar provides a reach of 7 inches below grade with the head at ground level.

The FT300 (pictured at top) mulching head has 23 cutting tips with a self-positioning deflector that helps direct thrown material as a consistent angle.

The rotor tips are interchangeable and come in sharp planar, clad-faced planar and impact-resistant tip options. The dual-bolt system used to retain the cutter tips requires less torque than single-bolt systems, the company says.

The FT100 is a 111-horsepower tractor with a Perkins E3TA Tier 4-Interim engine; the FT300 has a 300-horsepower Cummins QSL9 Tier 4-Final engine. The hydraulic system optimizes horsepower to the mulcher attachment and also improves hydraulic component life by using a higher flow with less pressure.

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