Heavy Attachments: Attachments for Big-Time Work

Sept. 28, 2010

Equipment users want top productivity, even when the job ranks toward the top in degree of difficulty. Operators need machines that'll perform well under those grueling conditions. It only stands to reason that when an attachment is needed that it, too, has the moxy to stand up to the challenge. Here's a selection of tough-minded tools that'll match the machine's muscle in tough work. It should be noted that in addition to the many attachments produced by independent manufacturers, some equipment manufacturers also offer a range of attachments under their own brand name. Check with your dealer for more information.

Forms Own Windrow
Attachments for mixing, bioremediation and composting come in four sizes to fit on most wheel loaders. From Brown Bear, the SC units work directly into the material, forming their own windrow. Windrows can be formed from piles of nearly any size. The aerator's reverse rotation works the material from the bottom up, assuring complete mixing and aeration. The windrows can be stacked adjacent to one another, conserving space. Rotor speed is adjustable hydrostatically. Several rotor styles are available for mixing or milling.Sweeper Angles 20 Degrees
Model 12013 sweeper from Attachment Technologies features an open broom that is 108 inches wide with 32-inch brushes. The broom is designed to work with wheel loaders, backhoe-loaders and telehandlers with most hitch combinations available. An optional 25-, 50- and 100-gallon water kit is available. The sweeper can be angled 20 degrees to the right or left. The sweeper's design requires only one hydraulic service. Minimum hydraulic pressure required is 2,000 psi and maximum pressure is 2,500 psi. One-Cycle Cracking And Pulverizing
FP Series rotating concrete crushers from Indeco have 360-degree continuous rotation. The crushers can be used for primary and secondary demolition of concrete structures. In one cycle, the FP unit can crack and pulverize reinforced concrete and separate rebar for recycling. The crushers also have modified blades to cut through rebar.Fast Concrete Removal
The concrete removal bucket is designed by Price Industries primarily for high-production concrete removal of highways and airport runways. All buckets are built to customers' specifications. Features include a quality "arrowhead" style cutting edge, T-1 steel mounting ears and inside washers for longer wear, and fabricated and reinforced boxed tube tines for strength and durability. The bucket's sides are open to accommodate larger and irregular shapes of debris. Buckets are designed to quickly and easily attach to excavators. Cutting Widths to 99 Inches
For clearing rights-of-way, site prep, road maintenance, thinning and more, Brush Technology offers the SEPPI M cutting heads. Cutting widths range from 39 to 99 inches and can fell and mulch trees up to 18 inches in diameter. As the cutting head mulches, it leaves a bed of material that is easy to drive or walk on. Available for larger wheel loaders and excavators, the cutting heads also are offered as a complete package with carrier included.Self-Contained Drill
The CPA excavator-mounted rock drill from Tramac offers long reach and a large drilling coverage area. The unit is especially useful when drilling is required in a hard-to-reach location. Several holes can be drilled before the excavator must be repositioned. The drill is fully self-contained, with all drill functions being performed from the cab of the excavator. It easily adapts to existing hammer plumbing. Drilling Automatics and Rock Reader Technology senses the rock conditions as the hole advances and automatically makes the necessary corrections to rotation, feed and percussion pressure, and feed speed forward and backward.Snow Blade in Six Sizes
The heavy-duty 1500 Series snow blade from FFC Attachments is available in six sizes from 84 to 144 inches wide for loaders with operating weights to 32,000 pounds. The 32-inch-high blade is constructed of reinforced 10-gauge steel and features a replaceable bolt-on wear edge to extend blade life. Other features include hydraulic angling of 35 degrees left or right, and a spring-loaded trip mechanism that reduces stress to the blade.Five Drill Motors
A multi-gang dowel drill, the E-Z Drill Model 210-5 Eq. Mt., mounts on an excavator quickly and easily, the company says. It uses five pneumatic drill motors and has a standard hydraulic side-shift feature that allows for faster positioning. It also can be used to drill two sets of holes without moving the boom. The drills require 100 cfm per drill. A safety swivel lock helps ensure easier, safer transporting from patch to patch. The drill shuts off automatically, with multi-point oil injection providing for individual oiling of each drill.Handles Variety of Tasks
The Helac PowerGrip multi-purpose bucket gives excavators the ability to perform a variety of tasks. It can be used for trenching, grading or clamshell bucket; grapple; or hydraulic thumb. The PowerGrip has a full trenching bucket profile with no obstructing crossbars inside the bucket. Operating independently of the bucket curl cylinder, the jaw opens 120 degrees, giving it the ability to manipulate large objects. The serrated edges on the bucket shell and jaw help hold material in place. Pulverizes Asphalt to 12 Inches
The new AZ-480S milling attachment from Asphalt Zipper is powered by a 185-hp John Deere engine, which is teamed with a magnum-duty, case hardened Brevini transfer case. Equipped with the new "Z-MAG" cutter head, the AZ-480S provides smooth and stable operation with the Zip-Lok hydraulic bucket locks. Another new feature is active hydraulic depth control. Cutter head widths range from 24 to 48 inches. All widths will pulverize asphalt up to 12 inches deep. An exterior control panel allows a groundsman to adjust cutting depth, while a remote control panel lets the operator monitor and control the engine from the cab. Bolt-On Replaceable Teeth
Secondary concrete crushers from NPK effectively size concrete and separate rebar. A cylinder intensifier automatically increases pressure when the jaws meet resistance. All "J" models now come with bolt-on replaceable teeth. Replaceable, high-strength steel rebar cutter blades also eliminate labor-intensive and cutting-torch operations. Full 360-degree free power rotation is available.Pins/Couples to Carrier
New from Geith, the Universal Grapple can be pinned on or coupler-mounted for versatility. The unit itself is made from abrasion-resistant, high-tensile-strength steel throughout, along with hardened bushings and greaseable pins. Incorporating a multi-adjustable stay arm, the grapple is ideal for demolition, scrap-handling, and land-clearing. Grapples are available in sizes for carriers up to 180,000 pounds.Demo Buckets Show Versatility
Rockland DB demolition buckets can push over walls, grip and carry material, load debris and can be used as a dozer with the clamp closed. The slotted, extended spill plate improves operator visibility and protects the loader. The moldboard is reinforced and the hydraulic cylinders are completely protected. The buckets come complete with jumper hoses that connect to standard boom arm piping and mount using standard factory pins.Simple-to-Use Forks
Heavy-duty "drive-in" forks are specially designed by CTI for tough applications such as rental and for those looking for maximum performance. The forks meet standard industrial forklift requirements from OSHA/ASME, and are made with high-strength solid steel for a load rating of 3:1. Forks are simple to use and can be attached and detached from the machine without leaving the cab.Low Noise and Vibration
Designed for both primary and secondary demolition work, BTI's line of mechanical pulverizers provides the benefits of low noise and vibration, good fragmentation and good separation of steel wire from concrete material. Features of the CCP Series include replaceable heavy-duty teeth, a separate pivot pin connection that protects the excavator's stick, unique tooth design, and replaceable cutting blades.Steel Plate Construction
Hydraulic Concrete Processors from Genesis are available in four sizes for excavators from 40,000 to 65,000 pounds. The GCP 410 offers a jaw opening of 34 inches and 75 tons of crushing force at the tip. The GCP 610 provides 132 tons of crushing force and a 45-inch jaw opening. Both models are available with continuous 360-degree hydraulic rotation for added onsite visibility. Other features include proprietary custom-alloy steel plate construction, bolt-on wear components and a regeneration system (speed valve) to provide fast cycle times.Lengths to 50 Feet
The Extendavator long-reach system from PWCE is available in lengths up to 50 feet, with the initial installation done in as little as two hours. No additional hydraulic valves or counterweights are needed. Transportable with the excavator, the Extendavator can achieve more than 100 feet of ground reach on a 250,000-pound machine. Buckets, breakers, grapples and universal processors can be used with the attachment. Custom designs are available.Wide, Powerful Jaws
The V-Series concrete crushers from Kent have wide and powerful jaw openings that can process rubble faster, quieter and more efficiently than conventional methods, the company says. A new high-speed valve cycles the jaws quickly. The cylinders use a short stroke trunnion cylinder that makes the crushers compact. Separates Steel And Concrete
Atlas Copco concrete crushers separate steel reinforcement from concrete and the concrete is pulverized into a fine rubble ready for recycling. Operating at noise levels that seldom exceed 70 dB(A), the crushers do not vibrate, extending the life of the carrier. Crushers rotate 360 degrees in both directions for accurate positioning.Sweeper Attaches to Forks
Models of the new Multi-Sweep attachment from Midland Machinery range in size from 46 to 98 inches wide and offer capacities of 1 cubic yard. The sweeper attaches to a number of prime movers equipped with forks. The design of the fork attachment speeds set-up. Sweeper brushes have a 50/50 mix of wire and poly, allowing the sweeper to pick up anything from fine granular materials to construction debris and mud. Interchangeable Jaw Sets
Stanley LaBounty has introduced the UPSV Series Universal Processor for demolition, road and bridge reconstruction and recycling operations. Along with the benefits of previous models, new features include interchangeable jaw sets, 360-degree powered rotation, a speed valve for faster cycle times, and approximately 10 percent more power. A slotted pivot provides faster and easier jaw changeout. Models fit excavators from 22,000 to 65,000 pounds. Reduces Blasting Requirements
A specialized Rock Pick and Rock Thump from PSM is designed for quarry operations. It allows the operator to selectively rip, mine and sort rock from the face of the quarry more effectively than using the traditional bucket. The Rock Pick is said to reduce the blasting requirements by more than 75 percent while increasing production rates three-fold. Geared 360-Degree Rotation
The articulated grapple system from Towtem Attachments has 360-degree continuous rotation right or left using a geared turntable bearing and hydraulic motor. Built for heavy-duty use, the grapple is constructed of T-1/A514 steel with main and side cutters of Hardox or equal. The buckets have induction-hardened pins and hardened bushings at all moving points.3Log Grasp Features Chainsaw
The PowerClam grapple/bucket combination with hydraulic chainsaw can grasp and cut logs at the same time. From IMAC, the bucket itself can be used for pulling stumps, excavating and moving boulders. In addition, the attachment can be used for light front shovel work or for backhoe work in ditches as well as a dozing tool for spreading surface materials. It also works well for piling debris or feeding a tub grinder. The chainsaw mounts to either the bucket or grapple versions.Solid Steel Tines
Featuring five solid AR 400 steel tines for durability, the AIM excavator grapple incorporates a reinforced solid box design, an improvement over hollow box configurations. Other components include a four-bolt flanged hinge that maintains the linkage of the grapple for easier and more efficient installation of tines, and three working positions for added versatility. It is available in three sizes for excavators from 25,000 to 100,000 pounds.Compacts from the Bottom up

With a lift capacity of 24 to 48 inches, Action Equipment's Compaction Wheel features an open rim design that provides maximum penetration working from the bottom of the lift up. By compacting from the bottom up, the wheel eliminates any potential for bridging or voids. Because the wheel does not vibrate, there is no vibration to bring down trench walls or bow green concrete. All wheels are available in sheepsfoot, wedge tip or flat pad. Wheels range in size up to a recommended machine weight of 34,000 to 100,000 pounds.

Automatic Rotation
An excavator-mounted drill from Minnich, the A-2V-SD has two drills that rotate 90 degrees automatically. The unit is custom designed to drill two holes 1 inch in diameter and 30 inches deep in a 6×6-inch pattern. Two holes are drilled and then the drill rotates 90 degrees.