Cold-Planer & Milling Attachments

Cat PC35 cold planer.
Cold-Planer & Milling Attachments

Caterpillar PC45, PC35 Cold Planers

March 12, 2023
NEW: Designed for small paving jobs of asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Equipment Attachments

RoadHog Planers for Mini Excavators

March 4, 2022
RoadHog, a 30-year manufacturer of asphalt milling attachments, has a series of planers for mini excavators that features a direct-drive Geroler motor, cutting depths from zero...
Cold-Planer & Milling Attachments

Kubota-branded Cold Planers, Road Saws, Breakers, Brooms

Feb. 4, 2019
Kubota-branded attachments now include cold planers, road saws, breakers, and hopper brooms, as the company has gone from having 9 attachments available three years ago to 40 ...
Cold-Planer & Milling Attachments

Husqvarna DC 200 Drum Cutter for DXR Demolition Robot Line

The DC 200 drum cutter, a new attachment for the DXR demolition robot product line, is made for surface profiling rock or concrete, trenching, excavating frozen soil, soft rock...
JD_D-Series Cold Planer
Cold-Planer & Milling Attachments

John Deere D Series Cold Planers with 10 Percent More Cut Rate

Four D Series cold planer models (CP12D, CP18D, CP24D and CP30D) deliver up to 10 percent more cut rate over their C Series predecessors.The angled soil-guard design prevents ...
Cold-Planer & Milling Attachments

General Equipment SP8/GH9HP Surface Planer For Milling, Removing Markings

June 28, 2016
The SP8/GH9HP surface planer is designed for a wide range of job applications, including milling misaligned sidewalks and joints, removing thermo and cold plastic markings, and...
Cold-Planer & Milling Attachments

Bobcat Asphalt Preservation Tools

Jan. 15, 2013
Asphalt Preservation Tools system consists of an infrared asphalt heater and an asphalt processor that is compatible with 12 Bobcat skid steer and compact track loaders.
Equipment Attachments

Thomas Grinding TR-2000-SC Strip Grinding Machine

Sept. 28, 2010
Thomas Grinding’s TR-2000-SC rumble strip grinding machine can grind both rumple strips and centerline rumble strips. Able to quickly detach from the tow vehicle, the grinding...
Equipment Attachments


Coneqtec/Universal berm grinder attachment for skid steers removes berms and curb while leaving the guardrail intact with an offset design and low-provile drum and housing.
Field Test

Attachments Turn Skid Steers Into More Than Loaders

Sept. 28, 2010
Items:Caterpillar HM315 MulcherGenesis Versi-ProBobcat Expands Breaker LineBradco Tree and Brush MulchersMcLaren Dig-&-Grab Grapple BucketThomas Rumble-Strip GrinderCase/Bradco...