Ditch Witch RT70 Trencher

Sept. 21, 2021

The RT70 Ditch Witch trencher is a 72-horsepower ride-on unit. It has a 90-degree swivel seat and more leg room than its predecessor.

Operator visibility extends to a full view of the Ditch Witch trencher, according to the company, from front tire to back tire and the attachment. A patented cooling fan reduces temperature levels in the operator station by moving hot, uncomfortable exhaust out of the side of the machine.

The trencher uses a Yanmar diesel engine and measures 73 inches wide. It is available with crab and coordinated steering modes, which allows operators to turn the machine with a steering wheel instead of using two separate levers. 

The base machine can be fitted with tires or tracks and can carry a variety of attachments. Daily maintenance points are in one easy-to-access location under a single-piece, easy-open hood.

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