Vegas Underground People-Mover Project Nears Halfway Point

Feb. 10, 2020

The tunneling machine used by The Boring Co. for the Las Vegas Convention Center’s $52.5 million people-mover will complete its first two tunnels and emerge from underground this week, according to an article in Review Journal. 

As of last week, the machine had bored through 3,700 feet of dirt along the 4,300-foot length of one tunnel, according to an LVCVA spokeswoman. Once the drill completes the tunnel, the machine will be disassembled piece by piece from the endpoint near the west end of the new West Hall under construction on Convention Center Drive. It will then be transported back to the starting point, where it will be reassembled to begin a parallel tunnel. 

According to the article, two tunnels are being built so shuttles can operate in different directions, minimizing the chance of a head-on collision. The vehicles using the tunnels will be self-driving, and made from Tesla chassis. The largest vehicle will hold 16 passengers. The system will have stops at the two endpoints and an underground station near where the North and Central halls converge. 

While the Boring Co. and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) have shared some details about the people mover, the article reports there are several details that haven’t been publicly revealed. 

The people mover is set to be complete by the end of the year, and available for use in January 2021.

Source: Review Journal