Stellar Updates TMAX Service Truck

March 7, 2024
Updates include new toolbox system feature, crane lights, and tailgate.

Stellar Industries has updated the TMAX mechanic and service truck line, including bale-style pull-handles, crane boom-tip lights, and a new tailgate.

The bale-style pull-handle toolbox system features a dual-action handle design that allows users to activate the latches by grabbing the handle from either above or below. 

Additional updates to the Stellar TMAX lineup include new boom-tip lights on cranes that feature six LED lights and offer a smaller profile to fit into tighter spaces. The TMAX’s new tailgate cabinet doors feature stronger hinges and thicker plates.

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“Our continuous dedication to listening to our customers and refining our product lines is evident in the enhancements we’ve made to the TMAX series and the other equipment we’re showcasing at Work Truck Week,” said Tim Worman, director of project management, in a statement. “At Stellar, we are always striving to improve even the finest details to make our customers’ jobs better.” 

The relocated backup camera lets operators have a clearer view of the hitch, facilitating smoother operations, and allowing for a cleaner wiring path.

Source: Stellar Industries

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