Stellar TMAX 1-13 Service Truck

March 7, 2023
Aluminum body

The TMAX 1-13 Stellar service truck is its latest aluminum body. The 13-foot service body is for use on a 108-inch cab-to-axle chassis with 22,000  to 22,900 pounds gross vehicle weight rating.

The TMAX 1-13 lluminum mechanic truck body can handle cranes up to 53,100 lb.-ft. and uses the Stellar Torq-Isolator torsion box understructure and crane compartment. This feature isolates the crane’s lifting forces into the stabilizers and chassis frame, rather than into the storage compartment, avoiding unnecessary twists to the truck’s body and doors, according to the company.

The body has aluminum extrusion compartment tops with two built-in accessory mounting rails, which eliminate the need to drill holes in the compartment tops.