Mack Integrates Off-Grid Charging into MD Electric Truck

March 6, 2024
The charging system will consist of a generator powered by renewable propane.

Mack has integrated an off-grid charging system into its MD Electric truck "to help customers investigating e-mobility for Class 6-8 vehicles and the feasibility for their fleets," it says. 

The off-grid charging system will consist of a generator powered by renewable propane and 120kW charger. The system will be mounted on the back of the MD Electric truck transporting it. 

The Mack MD Electric can be configured to be a Class 6 or Class 7 vehicle. It features a three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous 260 horsepower motor powered by Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) Oxide lithium-ion batteries, rated at a 240kWh and good for an estimated range of up to 230 miles. 

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“This system will allow the customer or dealer to charge trucks without having charging infrastructure readily available at their site,” said Ryan Saba, energy solutions manager, in a statement. “Mack hopes that this option will help customers more easily experience the benefits of e-mobility and a more sustainable transportation option.”

Mack does not currently have plans to make the truckcharger configuration commercially available in its energy solutions portfolio.

Source: Mack 

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