Mack MD Electric Truck

March 8, 2023
Mack's second electric truck

The MD Electric Mack truck is the company’s first electric vehicle in the medium-duty segment and complements the diesel-powered MD.

The Mack MD Electric will be available in Class 6 and Class 7 ratings, with GVWR of 25,995 pounds and 33,000 pounds, respectively.

The MD Electric’s three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor and all on-board accessories are powered by nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) oxide lithium-ion batteries, either in a 150kWh or 240kWH configuration. The electric truck can be charged through AC or DC charging units. The regenerative braking system helps recapture energy from the multiple stops the vehicle makes each day.

The Mack MD Electric is available in 4x2 configurations featuring a sharp wheel cut for enhanced maneuverability in tight urban settings.

Cab design features a bumper-to-back-of-cab (BBC) measurement of 103 inches.