International S13 Powertrains in the Field

March 5, 2024
First units are delivered to fleets.

Several fleets are running International S13 integrated powertrains in their LT series trucks, as Navistar rolls out its “final generation of internal combustion products,” according to the company, as it transitions to zero-emissions products.

Trucks have been delivered into fleets by Gemini Motor Transport, Saddle Creek Logistics Services, and Paschall Truck Lines.

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“Whether our customers are looking to reach maximum fuel efficiency or integrate comprehensive ownership solutions, the S13 Integrated Powertrain is a step toward achieving their goals,” said Chet Ciesielski, VP on-highway heavy duty truck business for Navistar, in a statement.

How fleets rate International S13

  • “With fewer subcomponents, low friction materials, and predictive capabilities through Navistar’s OnCommand Connection, this best-in-class powertrain will support Love’s and Gemini’s commitment to leading the trucking industry and the safety of our drivers and customers.”
    —Brent Bergevin, EVP of transportation, Love’s.
  • “When I talk to our drivers, they tell me they enjoy the experience delivered by the S13 Integrated Powertrain. We’re confident the S13 Integrated Powertrain will help us control supply chain costs, improve our service to clients through reduced downtime, and expand our distribution network without raising costs.”
    —John Erwin, SVP, transportation, Saddle Creek Logistics Services.
  • “During our time with the S13 unit, we experienced very strong fuel economy, a good driver experience, and 100% equipment uptime.”
    —Vic Norris, VP of fleet maintenance, Paschall Truck Lines.
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