Argo Adds Sasquatch to Amphibious Lineup

Feb. 12, 2024
Cargo bed carries 58 cubic feet with an additional 4 on the side.

The Argo Sasquatch XTX (Xtreme Terrain Vehicle) is now available. The amphibious vehicle seats four and traverses not only terrain, but also water. The XTX is powered by a Doosan turbo diesel. The HDT automatic e-Steer transmission has a torque sensing design and operates in a wide range of temperatures. The electric transmission allows for a zero turn radius.

The 71-inch, patent-pending XT328 tires have a cupped-to-flat tread pattern that provide water propulsion, a grip for side hilling, and traction for challenging terrain. ATC terrain control allows the operator to match tire inflation to terrain with a one-touch preset button. Tires automatically deflate or inflate. Five-valve independent cold air inflation is powered by an electronic pump. Steel beadlock rings provide additional strength and secure the tire bead in low-pressure applications.

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It can traverse inclines of up to 35 degrees, according to the company, and has a zero turn radius.

The cab fits four workers, with two adjustable front high-back seats and two rear fold-down seats. Tip-out windows provide ventilation, and all windows are impact resistant with UV protection. A tinted, lockable, hinged roof hatch provides emergency egress as well as ventilation.

Entry into the vehicle is through the front door, which has an integrated ladder. The door folds up and provides a watertight seal when latched closed.

FlexBox cargo area has 57.5 cubic feet of in-box capacity. An additional 3.8 cubic feet of storage is available in sealed side boxes. The cargo area measures 64 inches wide by 48 inches long and is 41 inches deep. The tailgate swings open to provide access, and a fold-down ladder provides a safe method to climb into the cargo area.

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