Holcombe Mixers G2

Jan. 10, 2022

Holcombe Mixers G2 volumetric concrete mixer truck has technology to regulate moisture and the aggregate gate system.

Intellicrete Control System  keeps admixtures and additives consistently in sync with the concrete production rate. Operators can use onscreen calibration and mix design programming in addition to a pre-pour checklist to verify mix accuracy and promote safety.

WaterSmart Moisture Control System controls concrete slump with dynamic calibration flow control with an electronic proportional water valve.

InsightFlow Cement Feed optimizes aggregate gate positioning to provide reliable and consistent aggregate brick strike off and dispensing.

Load Sensing Variable Displacement Hydraulic System system temperature and extends the life of components.

Patented Modular Cassette Conveyor System is a removable modular conveyor cassette with engineered roller chain that enables belt changes in less than four hours, according to the company.

The G2 concrete truck has electric vibrators on the aggregate and cement bins, one low and two high-flow admixture systems, and wireless remote.