Mack “Refreshes” Granite

Jan. 17, 2023
Refresh modernizes the look

Mack Granite heavy truck has been “refreshed” with a new, more modern fascia with an updated chrome grille and self-heating LED headlamps that offer brighter illumination, improving forward visibility by up to 29 percent and peripheral visibility by up to 50 percent.

The new grille and air intakes modernize the look of the Granite, and the choice of two grille treatments offers customers another way to customize their vehicles. The standard grille features blacked-out cross bars surrounding the chrome Mack badge with the optional grille being all chrome.

Self-heating LED headlights have integrated heating elements that automatically sense the ambient temperature and turn on to keep ice and snow from building up in colder environments. An anti-fog coating prevents condensation in warmer, humid environments.

The new LED technology is designed to fully illuminate the road and job site, including the driver- and passenger-sides of the vehicle, to reduce eye fatigue, while letting operators detect objects sooner.

New, integrated amber daytime running lights double as turn signals, making the truck more visible to oncoming traffic and on the job site.

High-impact polycarbonate lenses have additional hard coating protection to prevent cracking, scratching, or damage.

In the event of damage, the headlight assemblies are designed to be easily replaced and are also backward compatible with earlier truck models if current Granite owners choose to upgrade.