International HX Series of Class 8 Vocational Trucks

Feb. 3, 2016

International Truck HX Series is a line of premium Class 8 trucks and tractors aimed squarely at construction and other vocational tasks. Navistar Inc., the parent company, says it’s the first new vehicle since 2010.

The HX, for Heavy eXtreme, includes four models, with set-forward and setback steer axles and long and medium-length hoods. HX replaces the PayStar, on which it’s based.

“The launch of the HX Series is an opportunity for International to recapture a leading position in the vocational market – a segment we previously led,” said Troy Clarke, President and CEO, Navistar, Inc. “The launch of the HX Series underscores our commitment to innovation, our dedication to uptime and our position as a leader within the industry.”

“The design of our new HX Series is based on in-depth discussions with leading users of severe service applications,” said Bill Kozek, president, Truck and Parts, for Navistar. “Each of the four models in the series has been engineered to deliver unmatched performance for the most punishing jobs, while making operators more productive.”

The four models include:

  • HX515, a 115-inch bumper-to-back of cab straight truck with a set-forward steer axle. Its primary vocations including concrete mixer, construction dump, refuse/roll-off and crane carrier.
  • HX615, also with a 115-inch BBC, with a set-back steer axle, available as a truck and tractor. It will serve similar vocations plus construction dump and platform.
  • HX520, is a 120" BBC Set-forward Axle Truck or Tractor with primary vocations including heavy haul tractor, construction dump and platform stake/crane.
  • HX620, with a 120-inch BBC and set-forward axle, also available as a truck or tractor. It can be built as a heavy haul tractor, construction dump, platform stake, crane carrier.

The HX515 and the HX615 models are powered by Navistar N13 diesels, while the HX520 and HX620 models offer the Cummins ISX15 engine. All models were designed for maximum strength and durability, driver productivity, bold styling and superior uptime.

“The HX Series combines aggressive styling, unstoppable capability and driver-centric features to appeal to vocational truck owners in a whole new way,” said Denny Mooney, senior vice president, Navistar Global Product Development. “All you need to do is get behind the wheel of this truck and you will see that this is a major step forward in design, all with the driver in mind.”

A sloped hood gives excellent forward visibility, he said, while a 40-degree front wheel cut makes for good maneuverability. The frame is huck-bolted together, and available 12.5- by 0.5-inch main rails are rated at 3.5 million resistance-bending moment at 13% less weight than a 10-inch-high rail, allowing room for a heavier load.

Watch the truck intro video below.